14 August 2009


First off, what the frig sort of name is "Yettaw"?

Next, what the deuce was he doing jeopardising Aung San's chances?

  • Fiddlesticks, I say, to his wife's blathering about his midnight dip being a good thing.
  • And it's not called 'Burma' any more, ma'am - do clue up before spouting your nonsense.
  • CNN Video: House arrest continues; what the guilty verdict for Aung San Suu Kyi means for the Myanmar opposition; idiot Yettaw gets 7 years.
  • Idiot Yettaw "just trying to help" ~ and boy do we know that sort of 'Samaritan'.
  • Outcry: sham trial
  • Join the call
  • The General's Dilemma
  • The Harvard Report
  • Yettaw deported - lucky swine. I bet he's learnt nuthin'
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    Sibadd said...

    Insein Prison for seven years and the ghastly old men for whom this sad wreck was such a useful idiot remain free. Incomparable Aung San Suu Kyi will weep for him.