27 August 2009


I don't think it's all rancid grape pips that keep me from joining the massed ranks of admirers for this bogus twittering.

I was going to include links to the all-too-explicable raves online for this amuse-gueule but, know what? can't be bothered.

  • 28-yr-old lives with 73-yr-young grouchy pater and twitters the choleric geezer's whinges.
  • Apart from the question of what any 28 yr old amanuensis is doing laboriously recording such predictable petulances, I smell several rats.
  • I thought at first that the twitterer was transmitting from the UK - certainement, the Telegraph gives that impression and the comments appear to support this - but I'm shouted down by my blue-collar Facebookista pals.
  • The vocabulary is suspect: if this Boswell is doing his job, pater's spoutings should match a 73 yr old. They do not, but the writer is skilled enough to slip only seldom
  • Absolutely no doubt that the author is having fun and I envy him hitting on this wheeze.
  • I hope the vein doesnt run dry too soon but I suspect he will be hunted down before that happens
  • Having doffed my cap, what worries me most is the astonishing reception given these jeux de mots.
  • OK, so I'm a curmudgeon from birth and hear this sort of thing spouting by the hour from my own gob or plonking in pale form on the page.
  • My guess is that the "son" is a wordsmith of 40+ who's stumbled on virgin territory and must be having a whale of a time.
  • There'll be a book and script(s) in it when he's traced and the usual post-sleuth PR which will be a whole new knees-up.

    Update: It's American and, it seems, is for real.

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