04 December 2012

Corfu Car Tax

Useful advice from Alekos Damaskinos, originally posted on Corfu Grapevine with A's clear instructions.

Reprinted below.

"Instructions concerning Car Road Tax sticker for 2013 ~ Caveat: this year, no reminders will be sent through the post as in previous years.

It seems quite complicated but if you follow my "fool proof" instructions you will succeed!

Type: www.gsis.gr (forget the rest of the link you may have seen!)

  1. Look for an orange box with Greek text: Υπηρεσίες προς Πολίτες - click on this
  2. Scroll down a little.

    Two lines appear in small blue letters. The first one reads: Εφαρμογή Εκτύπωσης Τελών Κυκλοφορίας Αυτοκινήτων - click on this.

  3. Look for a blue box with text: ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ -click it
  4. Two blank boxes appear, the left one reads ΑΦΜ (your tax number) and the second one, Αριθμός Κυκλοφορίας (your car registration)
  5. Write the reg number in the boxes and press "Enter".
  6. Click the box on the left - Αναζήτηση. Red letters appear on the top. Don't worry, it's not signaling an error. You will now see a message: Επιτυχής Αναζήτηση (successful search)
  7. Click the middle box Εκτύπωση:

    Et voila! The forms appear with your name, tax number and amount payable, all filled in!

    Print this and take the completed form to your bank or P.O, pay and you will receive your road tax sticker for 2013!"

Last day is the 31/12/2012

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