11 December 2012

H Κασσιόπη

Nuther brilliant Grik lesson with Prof Damskinos (whom God preserve).

Learned that it's It's sti Kassiopi, not sto, as so many locals even pernounce.

Κασσιόπη is fem, FFS.

Remember that brouhaha couple weeks back on the Vine about how to pronounce it? My liege Simon settled it with a brisk comment post of the Greek. But no, the Sidaravi harridan ignorama kept the thread going with their wails of 'But my Greek husband says it 'Kassiohpi'. Skila! He's having you on, you silly mood. Poh poh, Que faire with such types.

Gunned the Hispano-Suiza north of the Mason-Dixon to stir it oop further, armed with Aleko's barb.

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