31 December 2012


From the wonderful Taki's Magazine (he of The Spectator column), a welcome addressing of one of my rant bugaboos.

Sex, not Gender.

"First, let’s get one thing straight: We humans don’t have a gender; we have a sex — until recently, just one each.

Gender is a grammatical term used in languages such as French and Spanish to describe the differences between such things as masculine and feminine nouns, and adjectives that agree with them.

Examples are la grande fille and le grand garçon.

English has gender in such words as waiter/waitress and actor/actress ...

Gender was meant to work the way “race as a social construct” works.

Race, the lefties tell us, is a sociological optical illusion that has nothing to do with biology. We may think there are racial differences, but it’s all in our minds.

That’s exactly what feminists wanted us to think about sex.

“Gender” means “sex as a social construct.”
It’s only brutish custom, not biology, that makes men into soldiers and women into nurses."

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