26 December 2012

Corfu Villages [£2.99]

~ Steve Ford ~

  • Out now ~ and being warmly received across the island.

  • PDF eBook version available online.

  • All profits to Corfu charities and villages.

  • Quoth Steve:
    "It has been a long road but we made it in the end.

    I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have in making it.

    Thank you everyone for your support, I really appreciate it."

    Followed up by:

    "The ebook has taken almost a year to produce with four visits to Corfu, the design of the ebook and the setting up of a dedicated website has been solely funded by me for the good of the Island.

    It is the first of its kind and all profits will to go to Corfu charities and villages."

    What's not to like about such a graceful modest scribbler?

  • Hélas, Murphy's Law hath that, after month's of languid assessing, I suddenly have a backlog of reviews promised, not least of which Maria-Strani Potts' new collection of short stories, When the Sun goes Down, over which I'm wrestling with my first attempt at darned Kindle

  • Also, a first novel by a young ragamuffin whom I'm determined to be the first to 'discover'.

  • Hindering my purchase-to-review of Steve's is PayPal's quibbling over my dead Bank of America account.

  • These hassles will be sorted pronto.

  • Uh ohh ... Pin Wars. I know a few scribblers back home who'll have a chuckle over this familiar tussle.

    steve ford said...

    Hi there mate,

    Thank you very much for adding the Corfu Villages ebook to your Blogg. I appreciate your support.

    Ps. i used to play and sing in a Mod band so i know what you mean!

    Kind regards, Steve. ;-)

    Anonymous said...
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