31 December 2012


Sabbato 29th, drank too much a-Skyping a fave lady.

Felt dicey next morn and decided to venture abroad in search of some bijou corner store thence to buy summat solid for luncheon.Not sure if the AB before the airport road can be described as 'corner' or bijou but it was open and packèd for the nones.
My dears, just like Piccadilly Circus, everyone was there - muchas kissing and chronia polla-hing.

Actually, remember campissimi butch omis Julian and Sandy from Round the Horne? They had all the palare, so it should be "chronia palaring".
Snapped the busy scene including a lovely Greek sign that I sent my gals, explaining that it doesnt mean to turn right but that oncoming cars are to veer to their left to give way.

Speaking of Grik driving ~ One-way street etiquette ~ when I was taking driving lessons, I reminded my instructor of the well-known rule when proceeding down a 1-way street,

"Always leave room for traffic come from the other direction."
Never heard of it. "You must know that one."Coupla metres on and sure enough puttered a bike coming towards us. 'There you are.' He just hooted and guffawed and called a pal there n then.
When i took my test, Niko sat in the passenger seat with the two stern instructors in the back seat reading the sports pages. As we drove along Nik suddenly adjusted my mirror: "Is not straight.".
'Yo! Dude! Who the fuck's driving this car?'
The two instructors burst into laughter. "Bravo! We think you pass - for safety."
Also snapped a snoozing cat atop the perfect number plate.
Well, I thought it quite funny.
Bet you if I sent it to the Acharavi Clarion [incorprating the Skripero Scallywag] they'd pay me a couple €s for it. Hyper Skyper - the gal who got me so drunk on the phone is and favourite love of mine, same humour. A top top lawyer, mid-forties, looks 18, with the most stunning breasts that saggeth not, even in a Force 9 gale.
Very very clever and would make mince-meat of the jokers in the old Navigators.

Maman adored her and a game i'd play would be to shove on one of the weirdy CDs she'd send me.

"I cannot stand this music"
'OK. Leila sent it to us'
"Oh. OK, leave it on for a bit longer so i can get used to it"
They were a bit outta left field - Ute Lemper, anyone?
We'd been sharing bed secrets and agreeing that with age came baggage (theirs) that made it a bit ominous for the two of us as the years crept by. We'd share our probs and give each other advice on how to handle our partners of the time.
Drove home where my tenants' cat was resting on our neighbours' voiture. Catty sort of day.
I call him Hitler, which they dont like, but one day when it went missing, they posted and added 'distinctive Hitler mooustache'. Found the same day.
Finally home and debated opening Kosta/Tasia's gift of Southern Comfort.
Suddenly all a tizzy how one drank or mixed it.
Plectrum Potts woulda known, all that sippin' with the good ol' boys on the stoop outside Sun studios, comparing flat pickin' styles and remembering the good old days when they used real strong chicken wire between you and rowdies.
Shores of Jordan - dug out a bottle of fruity vin blanc and a jar of olives and chunks of cheese and plunked along to Iris.

Sang a bit, too.

Keep the blues at bay.

βuffoonery ~ I didn't want to slow the story over mere juvenilia but do look at the comment some prissy miss from Purley has posted.

'LOL', as I'm sure she Twitters hither and thither.

It's always the schoolmarmly types, isn't it, that rush in where angels fear? And then they wonder why they end up as Exhibit A.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have a lot of time on your hands as you blather about nothing. Btw, it's called Alfa Vita. Beta is not a Greek letter.

Corfucius said...

You are absolutely right about Άλφα βήτα. My βad. Good catch.

Thanks, too, about time on my hands: never easy to organise a crammed day around the keyboard, good to be saluted.