30 December 2012

First footing

- January 1 2013 - next Tuesday -

Timely headsup, chaps.

I've just been put on coal duty by that flame-haired Forteviot-Dewar of this parish, to be at her gates no later than 1245hrs, Jan 1, 2013 ~ 15 mins before the drawbridge is raised on the rest of the Sassenach hordes for this knees-up jewel in our Kerkyra calendar.

I agree, rum that in this land of swarthy sons of Homer I'm the only dark-haired Lochinvar she can call on to perform first-footing rites over the baronial welcome mat - not forgettin the coal, salt and malt.

Anyway, it's a good reminder for those who observe these comme-il-faut customs and need a crib-sheet:

  • The first-foot usually brings several gifts
    • Coin
    • Bread
    • Salt
    • Coal
    • Drink (usually whisky)

    Respectively representing financial prosperity, food, flavour, warmth, and good cheer.

    GREEKNAM-STYLE: but here's something I didn't know
    "In a similar Greek tradition (pothariko), it is believed that the first person to enter the house on New Year's Eve brings either good luck or bad luck."


    Now you are fully prepared to impress your guests with your kilty coolness.

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