11 December 2012


~ Soon I will be done ~

Listen how he whips the choir up.

This comes courtesy of Minister Karniol whom i got to know in Hong Kong, as much as one can get to know such a shadowy figure.

Good egg, Canadian but why not, someone's got to be.

Introduced me to [dammit, cain't remember, white dude, good guitar, 'bird of paradise', some Mississipi song; help me out, Bob; it'll come to me.

Leon ... Leon ... REDBONE, fuckit. Phew, gottit, can relax.

I had the chance of booksy slot on a Honkers TV channel and Bob had the coolest beginning. The way he demo'd it was perfect but i couldna pulled it off.

OK, so the show'd open with me in shadow profile, Meerschaum en bouche. Lights come up and I turn to camera with donnish stern gaze, but it's a slooww turn.

"Ah, there you are ... thanks for tuning in.

You know, funny old Life ... I remember enjoying a beer with Saul Bellow in a small bar on the banks of the grotty green Limpopo river and Saul turned to me and asked, 'You da man, Chris, wazzit all aboot?'

"I dunno, Saul, and if you dont i'm buggered if i do ... anyway, Humboldt's Gift, of which I have an advance proof here ... marvelous, Pulitzer if it's a day ... blah blah yak."

Any road, super bloke, young Karniol. Love that boy. A Jane's man, spookish.

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