09 December 2012


~ randomia and skin-shed ~

  • Today is the name day of my darling precious Spitfire Anna.

    I dedicate my random scribbles to her.

  • Winter cometheth and I was marveling that it had only taken 2 rough days to shed my summer skin and move into lean, mean Winter mode. Then I remembered that this is my first Xmas alone, sans Mum's frippery and fussiness and damfool simpering parties ~ gotta have this, gotta do that, gotta have toadie, can't ignore roadie.

  • Someone said to me, "Well, youre mother lived alone all that time, so should you."

    I know these people now, I tell them, "She was never alone ... party dinner gardenry cawfee ... spoke the lingo, mixed with her ghetto gringos ..."

  • Dismal past two days but i'm out thru the other end. I exit summer with a residue of sun in my soul but the reserves run dry, as they did over the past rainy chilly days. Then dad's Yorkshire side kicks in and I'm back on the beat.

  • I'm in a good 'place' right now:
  • Lovers and pals present
  • L & P past, often fiercer faithfuller than when one was storm-tossed in the heat of passion
  • Time. Time to attend to myself.

  • Have you noticed? As long as the ladies got u by the balls, they play you and act distant and inaccessible. Soon as u misbehave and skip the surly bonds of wanting to git in their panties ... they don't like it. They're suddenly on the phone and gmail.

    And if you dare to sport 'another' on yr arm ... oh mein poh poh! They come over and snuggle and groin juggle to show 'possession'.

  • No, I'm ok. I'm 'dating' other walking woundeds; we're cautious. If sex rears its siren head, it's very very privé and we're polite when we meet en publique.

    Everyone has had everyone in this town, so I play it cool. That way, I get confided in - 'so, i saw you chatting up Xandra ... fuggedit ... we were lovers back in whenever ... loipon.'

    After Steph n I split n refound love, we'd cross gazes on some of her dates. Before she forbade me to talk to her because i made her laff too much in front of her leaden escorts.

    Georgina told me this, that once after such a bar-side giggle, when she returned the table with her wine and his Jack, her date cautioned her against me ~ "I can tell, he like soo wants to get in your pants." S: "Well, he must've done, at least twice, - Georgina and Anna.",p>

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