06 January 2009


No idea where this came from.

I pressed a key combination, there was a burp and the screen went blank.

When I'd returned via Safe Boot, this mix of select photos was there ...

If you click on the mélange, it enlarges for a clearer view.

From top left:

  • My favourite Xmas cards sitting on 'God's Guitar'; the table cloth is from the Philippines; yellow plate was what I ate a delicious bangers 'n' mash off.
  • "God's Guitar": the rays of the sun streaming through onto the Ovation (see a previous post and Mr Wells' stern caution about turning into Barry Manilow)
  • I went to ground for a whole day to avoid a synod of religiosi. Actually, it was less to ground than up in the air because I chose the shell of a magnificent hotel that had been abandoned - ran out of cash; family couldn't agree on final format, whatever - and sat all day reading a Chandler that a recent house guest had left behind.
  • One of the many shots I took at my favourite musical taverna 'To Pouli Tsi Kotas'
  • Overlaid on God's guitar is a pic of some of the contestants at the annual Pelekas grafiti competion.
  • Finally, bottom left, one of the many photos I take of a nearby construction of a 2-storey maisonette that we long-time Gouvia/Kondokali residents *know* will sooner or later flout a major building byelaw and allow us to halt the developer in his tracks.
    • He's already in big enough trouble.
    • Not local.
    • From Potamos, all of 5 mins drive away.
    • One more slipup of that magnitude and his dreams of property mogulity are toast.

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Wells said...

Give this a title like The Persistence of Memory - wait, that's taken, but, you know, and sell it on ebay for, like, sixteen million dollars. :-)