05 January 2009

Consular Christmas

corfu embassy circa ?

I am a huge fan of our new Vice Consul, Mrs Sarah Ticherou, and her well-behaved blog.

No grey hairs there for the Ambassador, although I bet they monitor these cosy fireside chats for any sign of anyone going 'troppo'.

Speaking of going native, I notice that a thinly nom-de-plumaged 'Ian' lost no time planting a smoochy 'Comment' across the Ticherou blog:

"Great to hear that you are helping the expats," purrs 'Ion'. "As a small consulate you do a great job."

Then the Hoplite goes in:

"Besides the replacement of passports etc, why is it necessary for us to fund a massive embassy in an EU capital like Athens?

Our palatial embassy in Paris is a terrible anachronism. Why is there major diplomatic representation in any EU nation?

Once the Irish no-vote is mangled into a 'yes' vote and we have a de facto European constitution, how can any diplomatic representation within the EU be justifiable?"

By the Sirens of Titan! If that isn't hitting on our fragrant vice consul, I don't know what is.

Honestly! I thought *I* was the only unreconstructed sexist still stalking the land. I hope the plenipotentiary powers-that-be can turn a blind eye long enough for Mrs T to respond in suitably miffed and robust fashion.

As soon I read the 'Ian' comment, I sped to the Temple of our Merciful Panayia ton Xenon and set blaze to the very largest candle. Pray the gods I was in time.

But I digress.

The pic I originally put up there showed Mrs Ticherou flanked by colleagues. A lovely Flickr pic but they took it down - no doubt to thwart nuisance-makers like me.

Sarah's Embassy link: Time-saving tip.  Don't click too hopefully on the link to the British Embassy website itself.

To enter this Aladdinopoulos' cave, Apache Roller wants you to 'sign up'. Alas, one of my 2009 vows is to cut down on just such bandying about of my online details.

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