23 January 2009

So good they swore him in twice

God, President Obama must have been furious with that flubbed oathing. Forever now a quiz question: which President of the United States was sworn in twice?

I didn't watch too much of the ceremony; didn't want to keel over with inauguration fatigue.

Went out to the various inaug parties - first in a long time i saw the gang deigning to speak to the American contingent on the isle. First, in fact, since i've seen so many merkans out n about.

One excited Brit lady on the phone to home, "It's terribly exciting! I've been watching the election all night!"

"Let me know who wins," I murmured as I eased by. "My money's on that Clinton minx."

But I have been glued to the subsequent proceedings, BHO's Guantanamo signings and state dept appointments.

Seeing someone behaving with such presidential presence makes me ill to think about all the preceding years of that gnome and his dishonest cohorts.

I can't believe we put up with it for so long. I don't suppose there's a flicker of recognition from the previous regime that this is how it's done.

Cheney in a wheelchair just about summed it all up.

My pals in the US are posting almost hysterically joyful messages and of course everyone is sharing the post-mortem Youtube tsunami of Bush gaffes etc, which only makes me more miserable for the years squandered.

Camelot Redux.

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Sibadd said...

I understand many Americans are having trouble understanding their new pres on account of his unfamiliar way of speaking in whole grammatically correct sentences.
In the Beer Bucket at Kontokali stealing WiFi.