16 January 2009


I trim the tree outside my boudoir (the one with the severe haircut) and wrestle with the demon booze not to take refreshment.

There is netting and scooping to be done to clean the pool which I do and then enter waist-deep to clear the rest of the grunge by which chill I might as well go all in and scrape the bottom with the abrasive brush.

Brrr. Great feeling. Sam will come to the edge but refuses to join me in the arctic waters.

When I get out I wrestle him over and use him as a towel which must have looked 'odd' to anyone with a telescope.

Somewhere on Youtube is a room for the likes of me.

As I get in the shower, phone. Eleni.

"Wotcha been up to." I tell her.

"OMG and I nearly just turned up.

You making out with Sam on the lawn. That's all I needed to confirm my worst fears."

'Best, surely?'

"We will talk."

So does that mean back to Missionary?

"You disgust me"

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