08 January 2009

Death by Roobish

OK, maybe I will do a smidgeon of housekeeping while maman's away:

  • Old geezer lets the rubbish build up until he has to make tunnels to get around his fragrant abode.
  • One day he loses his way in this labyrinth and dies of dehydration or whatever one does in such bizarre circumstances.
    I would hope also from starvation but qui sait with all that good rotting fibre to hand and nutritious detritus dripping from the walls.
  • Because of stench, police had to call in a diving team to first enter the house. Now that I would have enjoyed watching from behind my Acacia Drive lace curtains.

    "Ee, coom quick, Mrs Barraclough - it's our Tony walking oop t'drive of number 12, you know, the quare fellah.

    Aye, luv, but not in mask and tank and them flippers he uses down t'harbour."

  • This one hurts: a 1950s car just sitting there ... tragedy.

    How did Quentin Crisp have it?: No need bother with housework because, after the first 4 years, it doesnt get any dirtier.

    I must say, the day I lunched chez lui it all looked spic n span so maybe he was teasing.

    Rubbish Celebrities: But the funniest cruelest juxtaposition is the darkie fellah to the right, seeming to be eyeing the article, and promoting 'rubbish' celebrities.

    What's the betting there'll be a switcheroo within 24 hrs?

    But bravo that witty sub-ed.

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