14 January 2009

Training Your Brain

I don't know what DéBarclés bank has against my family that they goad us with such dismal service:

  • Maman in Lonthino spending like there was no yesteryear

    We had to cancel her credit card because of dodgy orders from Nederland and points west of Kosovo.

    As the card holder, only *she* could talk to the fraud dept.

    They assure her a new card will be sent and, yes, they can break the rules and mail it to London rather than the official card billing address in Scheria.

    Time goes by and no card: "These things take time" says maman, who is running short of the readies. 'No they dont,' I growl.

    I phone and of course they have to talk to her so I give the London number.

  • I call the matriarch back: she reports,perfectly nice rep but nothing done of course but they'll mail it today and - sorree - it has to go Greece. "Anyone there who can mail it on?"

    Grrr, as my children say.

    Other side of the coin:

  • Mater has spotted a book we all need, Training Yer Brain
  • I take details and order it online but natch meet probs, ordering it from Greece on card with Greek billing but want it to go to Eaton Plaza
  • There is a number that I call with no expectation of joy
  • I get the delightful and efficient 'Katy' who sees none of the probs to which I alert her and takes my details like a pro, which I deliver like a pro, having taken a few myself over the phone during my stint as a galley slave in the Good Ship Bezosia.
  • I compliment her on her pleasant delivery and instinct and wish there was some supervisorial contact address to which I could send a note of appreciation.
  • Oh but there is, simper blush thanks so much you really don't have to oh but I insist.
  • "Actually there's a way you can save a little more on this order, can I tell you about it?" But of course, yes do it, gosh you're good. Giggle blush.
  • Katy, You. Are. Good.

    Isn't it a shock and a relief to suddenly come across a flexible professional with a nice manner who knows her product?

  • I have added Bookshop Partnership to my favourites and will check and order first from them before looking elsewhere for needed self-help tomes.
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