16 January 2009

sam and calendar


The excellent My Kerkyra monthly included a calendar this monthly, useless to me because of its non-existent space to write down my umpteen socialisings but perfect for a certain someone who stayed and made pals with Mister Sam and adored Scheria and took some wonderful photos with my crap camera which made me want to give it to her.

I thought I'd offer to send it to her but needed her address so I concocted these irresistible photos to accompany my honey-tongued offer.

She was the perfect guest: did all her homework before arriving, knew what she wanted to see, able to take herself off seule to explore, found all the right places, negotiated in her non-Greek the right boat trips and meals and shopping.

Natch, Krippled Koutsi needed to get in on the act so she ambled up, much to Sambo's nervous bemusement.

MK is my fave mag, altho' I am faithless and write for another, and I drive my 'literary' pals wild with my approval despite its endearing illiteracy and shameless plugs for any of the writers with services or products to flog.

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