05 January 2009

La M x 2

How weird. My two favourite songs are both La Ms.

Mer - 1955, Hong Kong: I used to play this non-stop on the juggernaut Grundig, carefully changing those 78rpm needles.

Montagne - 1967, Tours, France: I was meant to be learning French at L'Institut de Touraine but I actually spent my time strumming au Bar Havas, hobnobbing with pals at Poitiers Uni, and relentlessly pursuing the beautiful Miss Wendy Fursman (who will almost certainly have her attention drawn and lose no time firing off an irate mail for me to remove this indiscreet tribute sans delay).

Everything I learned about life, art, songs and cinema of la belle France, I learned from the wondrous WF. Ferrat is one of the artistes she opened my ears to.

Bless you, Wendy, wherever you are; no doubt a perfect wife and mother.

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