04 January 2009

I Wanna Sing that Rock 'n' Roll

I *do* wanna sing that rock n roll, as it happens, but I want more that you enter 2009 with the sound of Gillian Welch (hard G as in God) and David Rawlings in your lug 'oles.

To be truthful, I just want you to hear David's unbeatable solo that always gets a cheer.

All my cool music, I ripped or turned onto thanks to my buddies at Amazon.

Except one whose name I'd possibly overheard in a drunken reverie during my London chemical days.

I'd been joshing with my fellow 'Zonian QA-sars and mentioned Kraftwerk as suitable background muzak for whatever I was droning on about. (Do listen to the hilariously posh Beeb voice 'explaining' K'werk to us hignorami).

My dears - nothing usually distracted Lord of the Night Krue from his alchemical PERL rummagings but at this he actually turned from his console and 'made comment'.

Turns out, the horrid man wasn't agog at my spot-on choice of band but that I'd actually heard of them in the first place.

I've never forgot that and wherever I go, the cooler the rave or rendez-vous, I have my unsmiling line ready:

"Yes, marvelous, I adore [INSERT NAME], but why don't we warm up with a little Kraftwerk, hmm?"

Never fails to leave them speechless and blank of expression. So satisfying.

Weighty bonus track: This one cleaned up real good (and don't you adore DR's lush locks?)

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