16 March 2009


I don't have to write anything - I just plonk this in the middle of my readership and let the wailing and grizzling begin.

Few surprises but I am always distrustful of 'rock' critics: just by dint of them acquiring that handle (and a desk and a 'puter and get paid for it; who me, jealous?) they lose street crudiness right there.

Counting down, I'm impressed McCormick recognised/included the following:

98, 94, 81, 54, 51 (Jerry *Jeff* Walker; not Jegg), 45, 35 - (Visions of Johanna, eh? Very  good for a mere rock critic), and 24.

The rest are purty predictable, with some old friends popping up I'd forgot about.

Impossible to choose a Number One so I guess Bowie is a good selection - certainly not mediocre but a choice that'll annoy (hence unite) EVERYONE.


The Telegraph also offers a playlist of, "All the songs featured here at free music streaming service spotify.com.

Just install the service - it takes a coupla minutes - and go to http://tinyurl.com/abn28s."

Spotify isn't available 'in my country' so I can't check it out. Just don't anyone blame me if they follow the Tin-yurl Brick Road and a swingin' Bin Laden crashes thru yer monitor screen and sets you on fire with the Olympic torch

I'm suddenly being bombarded by all my Greeky un-geeky pals with 24pt email warnings.

There must be a special calibanserai formula to this:

I am on x mailing lists, all owners of which receive the Torchy Bin Laden virus warning, hit the panic button and spambulate it on to everyone in their address  book(s).

Then there are those who don't know me (but have been dying to) and here is just such a chance to curry favour by alerting me to the end of the world and saving me from crashing to Earth.

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