20 March 2009


One of the most intriguing aspects of must-watch Pame Paketo is the de rigueur  delicate wiping away of non-existent tears.

I'm talking about the babes on screen, of course; me, I gush larmes  a-plenty throughout.

This clip of Marietta Chrousala shows the technique to a T.


sibadd said...

Is it that they are less sophisticated but I think Vicky is quite dignified and the more time I spend in Greece the softer my upper lip and the more I get to cry (honest - from touch down at Kapodistria I get wobbly, or when the island hoves over the horizon from the deck of the ~Superfast to Igoumemitsa). Thanks for this. As for the dry-wipes - good observation - I suppose the Greek metros are going the other way; affect control with an onion handy for the mascara run moments. Oh my Hellas.

Corfucius said...

Ohh ... Vicky is Superwoman. I go weak when I watch her. I don't know what the chemistry is but it works on me and I suspect it works on all male viewers. She is HOT.