16 March 2009


I'm loth even to type that name.

  • Surely, he stands no chance under even the strictest security: some family-minded inmates will make it worth a guard's while to look the other way. Enter some large cons one night who will get medieval on yon Josef with blow torch und pliers ...

    At least, that's how I thought things were done.

  • In re Rape: I dunno, what's the world coming to?

    On the same day that the Prosecutor describes Fritz as raping his daughter 3,000 times over the years, that crass idiot Alan Pardew uses the exact same term to describe a paltry tackle on some precious Chelsea ape.

  • The Sun: The only rag I trust to do this sordid story justice.
  • Negligent murder, enslavement, incest, rape, coercion and false imprisonment. Enough to be going along with.
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