28 March 2009

Springer does Chicago

Photo shows Jerry Springer with the cast of Chicago.

'He sings like a nightingale,' says his bodyguard. 'A nightingale getting shot at with an air rifle.'

leggy babeBorn 1944 in in an East Finchley Tube during an air raid, Springer feels comfy in the UK, likes the tea, likes the humour, likes the politics.

He sort of appreciated Jerry Springer: The Opera, an extravagant joke at his expense, or rather, a uniquely British take on his notorious American daytime, blue-collar television show – the one featuring assorted inbreeding, punch-throwing, exhibitionist trailer trash.

The opera, more a musical, featured a nappy-wearing Jesus declaiming he was 'a little bit gay', and when the BBC screened it in 2005, it prompted 63,000 complaints amid claims that it was blasphemous.

Such are Springer's bona fides as an Anglophile, he has spoken at the Oxford Union, appeared as a guest on Any Questions and Question Time and been the subject of Who Do You Think You Are?

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