09 March 2009

old hongkong

Hong Kong 1950's Childhood Reunion

Dim Sum Lunch

Royal China,
13 Queensway,
London W2 4QJ

Wednesday, 13th May 2009, 12 noon

Damn damn damn !

The one gig likely to lure me back to louche  Lonthino - a grisly reunion with old pals and poseurs (not to mention those nymphette deflowerees of our teens - and vice-versa)

And hear how the (anonymised) letter begins - we've lost none of our formality or sense of decorum:

Dear Hong Kong Kids,

After a lunch last autumn with [NAME], when we found ourselves reminiscing about childhood friends, we (Name, Name, Name and Name) came up with the idea of organising a reunion of people who were at primary school in Hong Kong in the 50's. NAME then joined us bringing much needed technical expertise!

We thought it would be appropriate to use the occasion to raise money for a Hong Kong children's charity and decided on Treats as NAME has worked with them for many years.

A Chinese restaurant in London seemed the obvious choice and we have settled on Royal China in Queensway, W2, which we have reserved for Wednesday, May 13th 2009 at noon.

Our list has grown fast, and we imagine everyone on it will have a few more contacts. So the sooner you can let us know that you can join us, the sooner we will know how many more people we can invite! We need replies and cheques by Sunday, March 8th 2009 please.

It is possible to reserve the whole restaurant, but even then numbers will be limited, so please no partners, and we suggest that youngsters who were at HK primary schools in the 60s start arranging their own reunion!

See you in May!

I'm so excited. What shall  I wear - apart from burnished tan and patrician good looks?

Ack, no "partners" - I know the perfect agency that arranges such things with decorum and tact. That "Sandra" would have been purrfect on my arm - and how Malcolm Bidwell's jaw would have dropped. Mwah ha ha!

I think I'll sneak her in anyway - she can be my hat-check gel.

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