30 March 2009


Having been busted by that darned Google spyware that tells everyone what's new au sujet de Mirandaville, I took it down but have been bullied to put it back.

Le voici with some crucial edits.

Neglected not Forgotten

The British Cemetery

One of my favourite local blogs carried a respectful piece on Psailas' Pride, our British Cemetery.

My only quibble is that the piece pretended it was "forgotten" and went on to comment that,

"Few of you may know that there is a British Cemetery just a few minutes walk from San Rocco square. It is located on the road to the prison, on the hill of San Salvatore.

Founded in 1814, under the British occupation (1814-1864), it was used as a place where British officials and residents were interred."

My point is that, come tourist time, too MANY people know of it, no thanks to its listing on every itinerary and guide book - and not a cent to devoted keeper George Psailas and his wife.

It goes on, "As you enter the property, the whole place looks more a beautiful garden than a cemetery. The cemetery is gracefully blossomed all year long with a great variety of flowers, bushes and trees. There is also a small basin with goldfishes and water lillies. The cemetery is crossed by a slight ascending road, on which someone can spot many types of flora, like the anemones, marguerites and the famous orchids."

I've given up whining about the injustices and vulgar behaviour observed in the cemetery.

  • It is treated like a tourist picnic spot and dumping ground
  • George is as over-generous with his hours as the visitors are measly with their contributions.
  • I heard a diplomatic whisper about some "Friends of the British Cemetery" notion but nothing since.
  • There are Germans buried there from times past and George dutifully tends their graves. German tourists visit. George tells me that he has never seen anyone from the local plenipotentiary for Merkelshire, even for a flying courtesy visit. Nor can I get a squeak of explanation from that vice-consulatrium whose flag flaps conspicuously over Aegli nosherie.
  • But props to the blogeur for including a pic of the lovely 'reading lady' statuette (see above snap) that graces the much-missed and formaidable Joan Acton's spot.

    Neglected? Taken for granted, more like.

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