31 March 2009

Hasty Exit

0630hrs Tuesday, March 31: Up betimes for an undisturbed workout and tinkering with new song.

  • Decide to check email and see to my horror and disgust that bloody Google Blogs Alert has spotted my piece (and below) on John's piece on the cemetery being a "secret". This despite my efforts to disguise it by referring to Prosperonia as Scheria. I kill the piece.
  • Also edit another entry talking about Larry Durrell misguidedly trying to replace one of our fallen swallow chicks back in a nest.
  • Also temporarily remove a mischievous posting of extracts of recent email buffoonery concerning ... well, I'm not sure what it *was* all about, but it included hysterical threats to set one of our distinguished local attorneys on me.

    I shall revive this particular page once the 'cemetery brouhaha' has died down.

  • Fine tune and bring up to date the DéBarclays débacle post.
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