25 March 2009



Karelia up 20 cents to - gasp! - €2.20

The *last* packet in Dassia, Gouvia or Kondokali at the old price of €2.00

What's a puffer to do?

For starters, I shall never open this one but frame it behind glass to remind me of the good old days.

That's a crippling

  • US$2.85 per pack
  • Mind-boggling UK£2.04

    End of civilisation as I know it.


    Richard said...

    Actually, cigs on this side are $5 a pack.

    Busker said...

    I know that - duhh. I was turning the knife in the wound for foreign readers.

    22 euros for a carton? bagatelle.

    actually, i found a shop in town that buy from and asked how many they had left and they had a carton 'n' a few so i snapped them up cough wheeze splutter.

    Richard said...

    Just to check my numbers I took in some hoardings at the the corner store. They had a "special" on camels @ $6.10 a pack. Cough splutter is right. My dirty little secret: every week or two I jones for a cig. The same corner store, with, btw a very active crack trade in the parking lot, sells single Marlboros under the counter at $.75 per. Good dog Sam and I puff our way through the park.

    Busker said...

    The day I left the UK in April 2006, the brand I was smoking went up to 5 quid.