08 March 2009

Beyond Cruelty

I'm still recovering.

What sort of people *are* they?

Poor wretched Binyam Mohamed in the Guardian talking of his appalling tortures in Guantánamo ...

" ... beaten with a leather strap, held down and punched by masked men, cut with a scalpel on his chest and penis (ouch yaroo), and subjected to psychological torture by being forced to listen to loud music, including Meat Loaf [my itals]."

There is no God!

Not ... no, not ... Meat Loaf.

Anything, I'll confess to anything ...

Meanwhile, blondie leans closer, hint of cleavage as she croons suggestively,

"Baby, we can talk all night ... or rather you can - and will."

It gets worse: Daily Teleg reports that BinMo was also, "shackled in a squat position and made to listen to an album by American rap artist Eminem 'non-stop, 24 hours a day'. "

Zounds! Which album do you suppose it was, and can you imagine the tizzy over at the Mathers III's record label as they frantically scour MI5, BSS and CIA sources for which f****** album it was. Oh my.

I can't come up with any witty suggestions:

Til I Collapse? ~ Bully?

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