11 March 2009


I lose no opportunity to plagiarise or quote from the Ponderosa Pasha's incisive and seditious blog.

He ran a rather good Noah's ark cartoon, which you see right and which I have effortlessly bettered with my IKEA doodle.

I like referring to Sedition, not just because he's good, or because I get a vicarious thrill from living dangerously by cocking a surfy snoot at society, but because it confuses local readers.

They approach at well-behaved soirées - first having adjusted their brows to 'Faintly Amused' mode, as is the wont of the British landed gentry out here:

"What ho! There you are. What's new in the land of blogging?

I say, that Sedition johnny doesn't mince words, what?

Actually, rather wished you'd had a warning or something. We've got Jemima out here for the break and you know how she adores your guitar ditties, so she was looking over Deirdre's shoulder when she clicked on your sedition link and of course there was that 'language', which we're actually trying to keep her away from.

But do tell, where on earth did you dig this one up? You do find the most extroadinary links, ha ha?"

These are the moments I wish I'd been gifted with a mountain-man 1,000-yard stare, or at least the style to heft a Bowie in convincingly Bronsonian fashion.

Also, to go with my 914.4-metre myopic squint, it really needs a Vox Samuelens Elliotis to correctly deliver the rumbled,

"You talkin' 'bout Sedition?

~ Stream of tobacco juice narrowly misses loafers. Hustle of balls ~

Well ... me 'n' that bad boy ... we go waay back, yessiree."

Baccy juice, hustle.

Actually we do. I know it seems unlikely that a languid lotus-muncher such as I could have trod the same boards as that rough-hewn poet of the prairies, but we all but shared the same manacles below decks of the Galley Bezosia as we brought treasures from the ether to bedeck Sir Jeffrey's Mercer Isle palazzo.

Good days.


Ashley said...

:) I wish I had more time to do cartoons.

Busker said...

On the other hand, when you do them you choose really well and do them well, so all the more reason to limit stocks and keep the punters gasping.

I just churn out whatever catches my eye.