02 March 2009

The Spitfire gets a Tattoo

And a bloody big 'un by the looks of it.

Does anyone know if that looks real or a decal?

Pray god the latter.


johnd said...

Probably real - my daughter has one, despite advice not to, but what does dear old dad know. (I presume. Sorry if Spitfire is other than your daughter.)

Busker said...

John, my new best friend, thanks. Yes, The Spitfire is my very own Cost Centre #2 and she is heading out here for her Ya-Ya's 89th and to add grey hairs to pater's pate.
Gulp. That is rather a large 'un. Lawd knows how she got it past her Mother.

Thanks again. I shall now use you as an Advice Column and preface future daughter-centric postings with 'Dear John'