27 March 2009


Such a long time ago and so much water been passed since Aug 2008, I'm worried lest Maria Strani-Potts' vigorous drubbing not reach its deserved readership.

So here's the rascal posting so you can see my humiliation, read all about Maria's To Poulima tis Panoreas, and rush out and snatch one up from the shelves of Zervopoulou.

Actually, rather a good movie title, 'Shelves of Zervopoulou'. The book trade version of 'Guns of Navarone'.

Starring Matt Damon as 'The Rep', Michael Caine as 'The Marketing Manager'; Tom Hanks as 'The Bookbuyer' (boo hiss!). And introducing Grip Strong as 'Rusty', publicist to the gentry.

Copyline: "It had taken her three years to write. It would take him three minutes to remainder. Could they make it in time? All that stood between them (cue scary slide guitar) ... were The Shelves of Zervopoulou."

The chastening comment:

"I meant to comment before but thought I'd challenge Busker direct.

My book (in Greek) is called Tο πούλημα της Πανωραίας (CorfuBooks.com, 2008). It is available in Zervopoulou bookstore in Corfu.

If you take the trouble to read it or the English abridgment in Island Magazine you will see that it is far from a RANT against the distruction of Corfu, but a tragic allegory.

Interested readers who care about Corfu and the environment may find it contains some food for thought.

Look at my blog".

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