19 April 2009


Or should it be Billa'blog?

No matter: excellent new 'blog to follow that my fave former Amazon.com crush sent me - almost as abrasive and un-suffering of fools as Mountain Man of the NiteKrüe.

My kind of pedant:

"By the way, if anyone is wondering, since it’s an abbreviation of web-log, ’blog should be spelt with an apostrophe, like ’phone."
Moi, I'm going to take Billa' even more seriously and write it henceforth 'b-log and totally piss everyone orf.

Bags of fun ahead as I watch which way M'sieur 'Blog takes me.

1 comment :

Bill said...

Thank you for the review!
You're probably right about the hyphenation.

Very interesting site you have here.