01 April 2009

Swallows back

Instead of writing to The Times about first sightings of the cuckoo (or, in this case, swallows back in our eaves), one now blogs everyone into boredom.

Actually, they came back on the morning of March 31 but I kept forgetting to make the entry.

I knew summat was wrong because when I went out to feed Sam, instead of leaping at me, he shied away, glancing nervously up at the eaves.

This is his cowardly way during summer.

Why? No idea.

  • Did someone poop on him?
  • Did someone dive-bomb him?

    Either way, I can put his plate down, just outside the kitchen, and it can go untouched all day as he hovers just outside of guano range.

    Yes they are early. Usually don't turn up til round end April to make a recce and then back early May to start construction work.

    Out of synch: Everything is totally out of synch. That Lady Alexandra rose shouldnt be out til the swallows are in.

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