01 April 2009

Local Donkey Saviour Sued

Something I feel most strongly about and was horrified to see the story in Athens News.

Our very own Judy Quinn of our local Donkey Rescue faces fines and imprisonment as horrid neighbours press charges against the unlicensed shelter.

As everyone knows, Judy's Donkey Rescue efforts provide sanctuary for over 40 dumped donkeys.

The fine for abandoning an animal, under Greek law, is between €300 - 1,500 or a six-month prison sentence.

However, it might cost Judy much more.

  • Read the piece; picket whoever you dare picket.
  • Be terribly nice to Hilary Paipeti and ask her to run one of her Corfiot Thunderer pieces.
  • Smarm up to any low-life wroiter fellahs or power-house editors you hap to know.
  • Psst - Judy's persecutors are her Kavourolimni neighbours and their trompetto'd up beef is that she hasn't a licence and the place is unsanitary.
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