16 April 2009

Most popular songs @ Funerals

I love these round-ups:

  • For starters, there's nothing to add so I'm saved my usual attempts at being biting and witty
  • I had a dud idea and a dud link here that Anon picked up so let me shove in another list to keep the mood.
  • And let me while I'm about it add this beautiful cover version of Iris Dement's No Time to Cry. Would that it were Iris singing it.
  • This genre of song always reminds me to re-check out Tell Laura.
  • George crosses his heart
  • Good link from Fred, for which thanks. I always said this blog has the choosiest, pertest alertest readership. When they suggest a link, by Hermes it linketh

    Anonymous said...
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    Busker said...
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    Richard said...

    My sister-in-law was lying in state, and the background music was Roy Orbison's 'Pretty Woman." The whole album. I was shocked, but my bro told me the funeral director had asked him what music he wanted, and since that was her favorite album he went with it. I hate to say it, because it makes me into a bit of a twit, but it was a class issue. I heard the BBC story and thought there was a time when death was given its majestic due, now it's just another chance for sentimentality to reign (albeit with a slick veneer). Sentimentality is the last refuge of the philistine. Why am I so exercised about this? It's just another symptom of cultural decline primarily noticed by those of us too old to join in. Oh, death where is thy sha na na na na?

    Busker said...

    Very sage comment.

    My mother heads for her 89th and is v precise about no flowers except from her garden. apparently, in wizard of oz there is a song about ding dong the witch being dead. that's what she wants.

    i got out the old camera and video + mic and filmed her gigglingly requesting it. otherwise who'd believe me? "Gawd the heartless bastard, only after her cash n jewels." actually, i'll run the clip at same time as she's lowered in next to dad - who will murmuring "If i'd know you were going to go for *that* I'd've chosen a more salubrious neighbourhood. Never changed, did you?"

    Fred said...

    Try this link for your funeral music list.


    Richard said...

    Irony, and wit are one thing (your mom) sentimentality is quite another, and is probably like nostalgia - an undiagnosed form of depression. And, I stand by my "Philistine" comment.