27 April 2009


Comment to follow.

Let me have my late supper first and ponder on this one. She clearly went to 11.

  • 24 hrs later: OK, I was trying to look up the report on 'Screaming Margaret' of a few years back who also disturbed the peace with a visiting tradesman. I couldn't find it but anyway, Maggie was a bawler and there were complaints and the first thing La M knew was when the wife knocked on the door and whapped her one.

    All I can think of in this case is how hubbie Steve must be affecting embarrassment, all the while basking in the joshing of the lads about how he can get his missus up to 11.

    Meanwhile, as I googled for Screamie Maggie, I came across this - who does it who doesn't it.

    Don't say I don't share my research.

    No comments, please.

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