02 April 2009

Road deaths unpunished

I need to read and re-read articles like this to remind myself what it is to drive in Greece.

Psychological disorders take their toll

The psychological problems that a family faces and the pain it feels after one of its members has been killed or crippled in a road accident are severe and persist even years after the initial shock has subsided.

  • 72 percent of victims' relatives lose their interest in everyday activities such as working and reading and face sexual problems for up to three years after the accident.
  • 37 percent of relatives consider committing suicide, while 78 percent develop a feeling of anger and 71 percent feel vengeful.
  • 27 percent exhibit phobias and 35 percent eating disorders. Also the ability to enjoy life declines dramatically, in some cases by up to 90 percent.
  • 50 percent take more anti-depressants and drink more alcohol, while 70 percent of relatives exhibit difficulties with driving.
  • 49 percent lose their self-esteem and 46 percent suffer depression.
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