07 April 2009

Rattles and Waves

Abattoir Amour

After I'd convinced myself it wasn't an April Fool spoof, my reaction was:


The letter that seemed to spark it all:

"SIR – A large British supermarket's representative has recently visited our meat-processing works in New Zealand and decreed that no dogs should be used to muster animals destined to slaughter.

People here are astounded. The relationship between a trained working dog and sheep is so customary and understood as to be almost symbiotic. For centuries dogs have been used to protect sheep, even in the absence of a shepherd. A sheep will happily graze next to a dog.Now the shepherds and their dogs have been dismissed and replaced by men with rattles, waving their arms. It is difficult to imagine a more demeaning occupation.

C. S. Waddington

Canterbury, New Zealand"

And can you imagine putting down good dogs like that?

I've had to take some faithful old boys to the needle in my time but they were old and arthritic and I should have done the merciful thing sooner - but I still couldn't see my right to play God and I blubbed and blubbed and blubbed.

Cool comment: Anon writes on behalf of the man from Harlech:

"But Welsh lamb is OK. The dogs and the sheep are seen to enjoy their interaction."

Editor's Note - Anon speaks true.

And after enjoying the clip I want you to go back and give the fotolibrary empire a gander. Those who don't yet know or use it, frigging get with it, slowcoaches ... or just go and be Tesco middle managers.


Anonymous said...

fotoLibrarian writes: But Welsh lamb is OK. The dogs and the sheep are seen to enjoy their interaction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2FX9rviEhw

Busker said...

yes i saw this - amazing