06 April 2009

Bumper Bonanza April Issue

A particularly good and hard-hitting issue this month of my favourite must-read.

Still only €2, the April number is a *gem*:

  • P4 Ear to the ground: Why does the English press pick on us when it wants to diss mass tourism?
  • P5 Polish commissioner Hubner visits but is kept in the dark ref Tembloni tip
  • P7 Agiotfest 2009, 12 September : Agios Ioannis Music Week and 'The Dylan Project'
  • P9 Rev'd Bruce 'Locum' Lyons: A truly dead crucified man now alive? "Do I believe he truly has risen? Jesus knew it was mind-blowing." I love that use of 'mind-blowing'.
  • Greek Orthodox Easter ~ Sunday April 19. All the 'events' you need to know about.
  • P10 Puff wheeze: Ms Paipeti ventures further afield into the Alt NE. ("Keep up there at the rear. No slacking!")
  • P16 Lionel Mann - 'Neither a borrower nor a lender be', 'To exist on credit is folly', 'Those who ignore history are bound to relive it' (except Lionel gets it slightly wrong: The commonly used expression, "Those who ignore history are bound (or doomed) to repeat it" is actually a mis-quotation of the original text written by George Santayana who, in his Reason in Common Sense, The Life of Reason, wrote that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it") But good piece by LM.
  • P18 Lovely non-PC puds "Just to get up the nose of the Food Police"
  • P19 Impenetrable Thought of the Day that I've thought about and still don't get - summat about a monk knocking back the vino, noshing on the goat, and getting his leg over some glam lady.
  • P20 - Amusing PEBKAC Laff o' the Month.
  • P22 - Those of us Free and accepted but sans Mum can still contact WB

    All in all, a splendid number so buy now while stocks last.


    Richard said...

    Of course I have to ask: The Dylan Project?

    Busker said...

    Of course you have to ask. Even as i typed that i thought 'hmm, shall i elaborate or wait for ricardo's "what what what WHAT??" and use the old comment box?'
    ok, i can't put it with a straighter face than quote the liner notes from Phil Mawson (who he?, as they used to say): "Agiotfest has as its headline act former and present members of Jethro Tull, Fairport Covention, Little Johnny England and the Steve Gibbons band. They will play under the name 'The Dylan project'. As the name implies, they perform Bob Dylan numbers."
    Ah - now i remember why i didnt elaborate. I can see Richard's eyes narrowing and knuckles whitening, as did mine when i first heard the name. Now hang on there, i thought, anyone so lese majestically bandying about The Name might want to think thrice fice and vice about it (http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutwords/once)

    Richard said...

    Well, let's see, for bands there's:

    To Bob
    Highway 61 Revisited
    The Phantom Engineers
    The Beards

    and probably others. So why not?

    For discs:

    Gotta Serve Somebody - Gospel
    Listen to Bob Dylan - Various
    Is it Rolling Bob? - Reggae
    Dylan Country - duh
    Bob Dylan Uncovered - Various
    Bob Dylan's Jukebox - Various
    Portraits of Bob Dylan - ?
    Mr. Tambourine Man - John Corigliano - Modern

    and more I'm sure, actually, more in my own library, but I don't feel like getting up - though I only have one of the above, the first, and well worth the price.

    "Oh, if there's an original thought out there, I could use it right now." Zimmy, Brownsville Girl