14 April 2009

Three shots

I've been thinking about those SEAL marksmen ever since I read that all three pirates were taken out.

Presumably, the pirates had to be hit simultaneously - or at least the one with the AK47 killed first before he could work out what had happened to his cronies and pull the trigger on Capt Phillips. Very cool - literally.

And the pirates bobbing up and down;no easy target.

Do you suppose the sharpshooters counted themselves down?

"OK, on three."

Wait - who's doing the one with the beard?

"They've all got fuckin' beards, fer chrissake, Chip."

So like, am I doing the one in the middle - hold on, they just moved ... OK, am I doing the one with the red cap?

"It's more a maroon, dude. I had a Pontiac once, painted it that exact same colour. The can said 'maroon' ..."

And the shame, the humiliation, the mockery awaiting the one who failed to drill his mark through the bonce.


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