03 April 2009


DJ Goldie

I have no idea who Mr D.J. Goldie is or what sort of paintings he does (but I can spot a dead ringer for Mike Tyson, which must be interesting as he trolls around town).

I also know that I enjoy Kate Weinberg's skilful and sympathetic 'CultureClinic' page and this one had me agog at the sheer self-referential half-bakedness of Goldie's responses.

I don't think a single one would escape Pseuds Corner but here's a smattering of the drivel:

  • What, in human history, do you wish had never been invented?: "The internet because it stops people from getting involved socially on a primal level. The majority of people focus their lives on and around it. Can we do this interview later? I want to surf the net!"
  • Who, in the whole of history, would you most like to sit next to on a long-haul flight?: "Jimi Hendrix for sure. He's an unbelievable character. I would have loved to have slipped him a business card as he was managed so poorly."
  • Name something you truly believe in?: "Faith and spirituality."

    Notice how I'm holding back from my usual snipey comments?

  • What is your definition of love?: "An unwritten word that encompasses everything, where you don't have to talk about it. Love is… "
  • How would you best like to be remembered?: "As someone who committed himself to the arts covering all aspects of art and music, and was involved in cutting-edge genres -".

    I can't go on ...

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