09 March 2010


The Economist is my favorite comic and Charlemagne one of its must-turn-tos

Good snippet about this recent silly buggers Günther/Greece brouhaha not being a simple fable about ants and crickets. Read it and sound smart in the never-likely event that you are in a room with a single person who can tell you without REM wtf is THE BOTTOM LINE about this whole Greichen stricken chicken-licken €uro sicken 'situation'.

Spare me the pie charts and Powerpoints:

  • You wake one morning.

  • À la the end of the original Planet of the Apes when Heston is about to ride round the corner and discover his destiny, your bedmate looks round with ashen face from surfing the 'Net news channels:
    "Well, we've done it. By we, I mean Greece. By we, I mean we live here so we are all Greeks. WE have done it."

    You nod resignedly and stumble to the loo for the morning leak. Yep, there she is - the Statue of Liberty propped inside the bath.

    You pop your head back into the bedroom. A world-weary, almost Greek-weary shrug: "Good lord, I thought you were joking.

    [Now - down on the rotting floorboards. Remember how Chazza thumped the sand as his bird looked on?]

    "You did it! You twits!! You jolly well went and did it!!" Thump pummel thrash sulk.

    Balliol - your starter for 10. What exactly is "It"?

    No conferring but, speaking of Hezzah bashing the beach, here's Kathimerini also getting back down to earth with a bang.

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