17 March 2010


I can't spell or pronounce Callirhoe Raouzeou but I am crazy about her voice and will keep plugging her until she is famous and can afford to compose and perform at her own pace.

I've got these listings all confused and duplicated and haven't time to sort them out but it doesnt matter if you play anything twice - just fool around and listen to her.

  • Le Tiroir

  • Morning Blues.

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  • Pop-up Player: 6 tracks, Midsummers Night.

  • Hour of the Lynx

  • de Milo

  • I've only just found out her name is also that of a flower (see pic) Actually, Poppy Mallow isn't a bad name for a singer.

    I know I have raved about her before in talking about Jim Potts' music - in fact, I think I started off to praise Jim but buried him 'neath swoons over Ms Mallow, that sounds very me. But punch in her name in this blog and see what you find.

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