21 March 2010

The Lurve issue

Goodness what a crop this weekend from my Torygraph reading.

  • Quite interesting Facts about dating:
    • First date
    • Kissing (saviolum is what we've been after all these years)
    • Agony Aunts
    • Nude weddings (I thought that would wake them up in the back row, except we're all married into oblivion around here)

  • Married couples - Keeping the Romance Alive ... and other folk tales from the Twilight Zone

  • Body language - Another 'He's just not that into pretending he doesn't want into your knickers' piece.

  • Dating after 40 - Improve Your Prospects
    • Sorry, I don't go out with anyone older than 35, so they can improve their prospects all they like, but not here.

  • Don't be so picky - No, dear, not about being partner-choosy.

    This time it's about nail biting, nose picking, knuckle cracking, and all that.

    • Anna! I heard that one from here!

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