30 March 2010

Camp and Ridiculous

Scientology movie

I always delight in any thwarting of that vicious cult that calls itself scientology.

Of course, we in Corfu share the isle with a true hero in the fight against these scoundrels, Major John Forte, whose praises I cannot over-sing.

In my publishing days, I had several clashes with these people and learned how to negotiate the streets around Soho and Tottenham Road without excess drama or needing outside help.

My good friend, multi nom-de-plumed Elleston Trevor, best known for his Adam Hall/Quiller canon, once mentioned some good news: the office of none other than John Travolta had expressed interest in one or other of the Quiller novels.

I told Elleston that I had no love for Travolta's game because of his connection with scientology. Elleston was shocked he had not been warned of this and there and then picked up the phone and instructed his agent to cancel all dealings with that bunch.

Dept of Ego trip in a million: my publishing days were as a street-wise PR hack. I like reading but I missed out on the years 10-18 through being locked away in a spirit-killing prison.

I met a few dandies in the book business and even invited some of them to our Sunday parties.

One such - famous for patronising with faint praise - plucked a Hall from the bookcase and expressed sulky pleasure that I was a fellow reader, ramming the point home that he had come across ET as far back as 'Quiller Memorandum'.

"And when did you discover Mr Trevor?" he inquired silkily, his expression freezing as he flipped thru 'Scorpion Signal' and came across the dedication.

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