30 March 2010

"Horrible Heather Mills"

I know the ex-Mrs McCartney behaves like a wild-eyed lunatic and is a loose cannon at every media opportunity, but why do the press have to choose those exact photos that conjure up reminders that we are dealing with a wild-eyed loose-lipped harridan-come-careening loose cannon.

Who can forget Mills's shrill performance on breakfast television when she sent Macca's chances of a good settlement soaring.

Just look at the fragrant Sara Trumble (a delicate 26) against the flared nostrils of Mills. You can *feel* her inner anger and imbalance.

Worse for Mills - no one likes her. She managed to alienate everyone by managing, thru fame by marriage, to intrude on our precious TV and tabloid trolling time and shove her peg-legged midnight hag daftness in our faces.

We all hate her. Whatever the verdict, the press will pay attention only if they can doll it up to show Heather at her screechiest and cast her as the villainess as per usual. Not hard.

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