05 March 2010

Bruni or Bra

~ Wired or Under-wired ~

Yo! If The Times can give jutting prominence to la bellissima Carla going tight and under-wired, so can Corfucius.

It's what my readers expect. It's what Sales and Marketing are always bleating on about.

I trust Mr Roland Mouret - whoe'er he be - has laid in a few extra frocks for the ton of orders that'll be thumping onto his door mat any day.

Oh and blimey, what a conversation starter (or do I mean stopper) for the summer.

Can't you picture it? Le Tout Discerning Corfu mingling on some historic and rentally opportune patio.

Once one has agreed that Life ticks all the boxes and that all concerned are unashamedly "wow", gosh - there's not a lot more to say.

Suddenly Holmes pipes up:

"I don't know about you lot but I've always held that undergarments allow for all manner of tacit deviance — transparency, quarter cups, matching ones smalls to one’s heels ...

And, of course, the ultimate deviance of eschewing it altogether."

My dears, can't you just see their expressions?

Positively transluscent.

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