30 April 2010


Do you find this, too?

Posh party, le tout Corfou swanning, witty banter, beauteous women, knowledgeable sighs and gestures in re the 'economy' ... sage nods, furrowed brows.

Later in a discreet corner:

"While I've got you on your own, just refresh my memory, quick run-down ... where we're heading ... broad overview ... ball-park figure ... worst-case scenario ... I mean, what could actually happen ... do we wake up one morning and we're all ... "

  • Now you can keep drinking and escape those endless tutorials of Grik Ekonomie 101.
  • The Ec Ed of the Telegraph has come up with a beginners’ guide
  • Good cheat sheet: Acropolis Now Redux
  • Out with Greece! ~ 3 painful truths

    Anonymous said...

    Useful links, thanks.

    Busker said...
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    Simon Baddeley said...

    Basically you get mucked over by fascism, then communism and now monetarism. There's a triumphalist tone to the way the chattering class of economist goes on about Greece that brings to mind a spectator sport.

    Busker said...

    Ooh, ace! The Larkin of ekonomics.
    "They muck you over, your chattering classes. They may not mean to, but they do. Fascists. They fill you with the monetarism they had, and add some extra, just to be triumphalist."

    Aris said...

    The Greek Larkin is surely: http://www.wright.edu/~alex.macleod/summer05/300/toads.pdf


    Busker said...

    I don't see it. That reads as if it *is* Larking.
    Baddeley's is a more convincing parody.