14 April 2010

Heart of Australia

My lovely and talented friend Louise du Toit sends me this message.

I am very happy to comply. Do listen to the song - she writes beautifully.

And do what you can to spread the message, drive it home.

"My dear friend, take a minute of your time and travel with me to the world of the wild horses...watching this video will support them in their plight for survival!

Please forward it to your circle of caring friends, so that the message about their salvation can be spread out around the globe.

Love, peace and happiness

Louise du Toit"

This is a song which I wrote for the Wild Horses of Australia, the Brumbies.

It was initiated by my friend, Vahana Hilke Eitner, and based on an original poem by Laura Kett.

Music, arrangement, performance and recording by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2010.

Lyrics by Laura Kett, adapted by Louise du Toit - 26 March 2010.

Digital mastering at Studio Natural Sound in Athens.

Video created and produced by Louise du Toit

Copyrights to the song are reserved by Louise du Toit.

  • How you can help: International Fund for Horses
  • Tuesday's Horse

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