27 April 2010



My very good friend, the nonpareil Matt Norris has a guitar site that is a must-visit, so click yer schtick and do that thing you do (as those noble early Amazon leads would exhort in a Cubicle Before Time).

Come to think of it, Matt has an even nonpareiler wife. Me too, I've never worked it out how guys like us manage to land such class act women.

(There is a God, but for His sake keep it under yer poncho.)

OMG - look at that PRS there ... I know Roy Kendall of the dynamite Blues Galaxy plays a Paul Reed Smith but I'm not sure if it's this one.

Lemme shove a photo up and we can be sure.

By the by, I'm told Blues G have a gig coming up soonish at Stavros Bar, Kondokali, Corfu.

I have to add Greece because there's a New York version ~ it doesn't half make me sit up when Google Alert reports a drive-by shooting.

Hollow laff

Watch this space for BG dates.

Let me also send Roy this link ~ he has a cavern of guitars but might still find something to drool over here.

Cascade are also on facebook so ditto that thang, my guitarista buddies ...

Check out Matt's Band

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